Monday, April 27, 2009

Beat the Flu, Let History Repeat Itself

Many of you have heard me talk or write about the good old days of CHiropractic, when Chiropractors had to tell the Chiropractic story and people came to see us to save their lives and not for pain.

Well here is a perfect example of how Chiropractic saves lives. If one person has died from swine flu, then THOUSANDS of people have been exposed. So why did only that one person die? Why doesnt everyone around the infected people also have the swine flu? THe answer is simple, infected people are susceptible because they have a supressed immune system, possibly due to interference in their their nervous system that controls their immune system.

Click here to read about how Chiropractic saved lives in the early 1900s

In times like these you really cant afford not to at least check out the power of Chiropractic.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teaching makes you better!

I am hanging out with some friends and students after teaching Knee Chest adjusting at the Gonstead Extravaganza at the Gonstead Clinic in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin. There is a certain high I get from helping other doctors and students become better Chiropractors.

Today there were some great questions and everyone really showed they learned a lot. Dr. Jeanne Taylor from Santa Cruz California taught the class with me in this joint venture between GMI and GCSS.

Besides the feeling I get from teaching I love how much better it makes me. With all these students scrutinizing my every move, I really have to know my stuff. The real payoff is on Monday morning when my patients look at me after I adjust them and say, "You taught a seminar this weekend didn't you?". When I ask why they always say, "because you are better."

So, that's why I volunteer my time to teach so often, I help the world, I feel great and I become a better Chiropractor.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time to Crawl

There are certain events in our lives that are considered miles stones. Graduating from High School and College, Getting married and your first job. But long before that, we all had several big milestones that most of us will never remember, our developmental milestones.

Early on infants need to smile, hold their head up and track object move in front of them. As the grow they will start moving more and then we look for them to roll over,stand and of course crawl. Crawling is arguably the most important milestone because of its tremendous effect on brain development. Some studies have shown that babies who crawl longer become more coordinated and score higher on aptitude tests.

It is always frustrating for parent when their children don't reach these milestones on time. Well Tuesday in the office I was blessed to help a child reach one. Sadie is a beautiful young girl who first came to see me because she was crabby and not feeding well. She also had a misshapen head from the delivery process. I helped her with the crabbiness and the feeding and my wife helped reform her head with CST (Cranio Sacral Therapy) and she seemed to be doing pretty well. But, she didn't want to crawl. On Tuesday I adjusted her sacrum and set her on the floor so I could check her mom, and as I was checking her mom for subluxation, Sadie started to crawl!

I will never lose the excitement I feel when someone experiences the full expression of life they get from getting adjusted and thank God he made me a Chiropractor!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bird Flu Accidentally Sent As Vaccine

In case you needed that last little bit of information to complete the vaccine puzzle, here it is.

Baxter Labs, just across the state line in Illinois, started a chain of events that caused the live bird flu virus to be shipped as a completed vaccine to 18 different countries! Now I dont buy into the whole "vaccines are being used to control population" conspiracy, but this could make you start to wonder.

Besides making you say, "Hmmmmmm", the article does give a clear example of how ridiculus the argument for vaccines is and how corrupt the vaccine PR machine is.

"Officials say the 37 people who were exposed to the virus have so far not shown any signs of infection. However, an Austrian news article from February 11 reports a Vienna hospital treated 19 outpatients on February 9 because of exposure to “bird flu virus.” The article said no one was sick, there was no evidence of infection, and the females were prophylaxed with antivirals (presumably Tamiflu)."

So 37 people were definately exposed and none, not a single one shows anysign of infection. Note that this was not some passing, "I think I saw a bird that might have been infected" exposure. This was 100% exposed in a closed lab exposure with no sign of infection. Then in Vienna they "treated" 9 for exposure and the females were prophylaxed ie vaccinated with something, tamiflu, that we already know doesnt work. THe cool thing is the next paragraph.

"People infected with a mixture of H5N1 and H3N2 viruses could become incubators for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people."

THe first paragraph is science; people were exposed, no one got sick. All facts. THe second paragraph is all scare tacit and lies. THe fact is there is nothing to suggest that anyone has ever or will ever become an incubator or be able to transmit easily to and among people. But saying that gets you them more money.

Before you put anything into your body, make sure you have asked all the questions you feel you need to and make sure you have them all answered to your satisfaction and before you get vaccinated read ALL the small print on the waiver they make you sign.

Click here for the full article.

Chiropractic for Kids!

How about this video? A medical Doctor who is pro-Chiropractic! Actually, their opinion seems to have more to do with the economy than science. Last summer I had dinner with a friend of mine who is an MD. I asked him why Md's are more accepting of Chiropractic in conservative Green Bay than they are in liberal Madison. His answer was simple, money. Apparently Md's make more money her in Green Bay, than they do in Madison, a lot more. He said that when they are making lots of money, the Md's don't have to worry about us Chiropractors getting people healthy and taking money out of their pockets. It has to be true, because until the economy turned south, every time a patient talked to an MD about seeing me or Chiropractic in general, their response was positive.

Notice I said until.... In the past month I have heard 1-3 negative things about Chiropractic from Md's, via patients a week. One patient may have a kidney stone so her MD said not to come in! I cant imagine what he thinks goes on in a Chiropractic office but her certainly needs to find out! Chiropractic is gentle and healing and certainly is less forceful than most hospital deliveries.

Did you know that the average amount of force used to pull the baby from the birth canal is over 80 pounds? 80 pounds! That is 10 times your infants weight. No one would ever think of carrying their child by his or her head, but the Md's think it is alright to pull them out that way. My office is across the street from the Cerebral Palsy center. Did you know that almost all cases of CP are caused by, you guessed it - birth trauma.

Sorry for the rant. Enjoy the video and take the advice of an honest and truly patient focused medical expert - take your child to the Chiropractor.

Sorry, but I cant get the video to load so click here to see the video.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The coolest thing happened in the office yesterday. A patient, who is not wealthy, but not destitute either, wanted to know if we had provisions for him to pay for someone else's care. Not someone he knew, just someone that needed care.

You see he values his Chiropractic care sooooo much, that he wants someone else to get what they need. Not what they want but what they need. When my staff told me this I was floored. I was touched, proud, elated; all at the same time.

Chiropractic is one of the most important things you could spend your money on. You get one life, one spine and one nervous system. If they don't work right, you don't work right. You malfunction, breakdown and eventually die.

We will spend $5000 on orthodontics but balk at paying out of pocket for Chiropractic care. Get that out of your mind.

You are important.

You are worth it.

You deserve it.

Get your nervous system checked this week, then write me and tell me how great it was.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As intriguing as this video is it fails to point out two important facts, one financial and one physiological.

The financial fact is simple. When you buy a drug, you are paying for all those perks they mention. The average MD is "gifted" approximately $12,000 a year by the drug industry. Multiply that by the number of physicians in the US (800,000) and you arrive at the astonishing sum of $9,600,000,000! Yes that is nine BILLION DOLLARS! Whatever happened to letting a product stand on it's own merits? Just think how inexpensive these things could be if you didn't have to pay for all that advertising! Which brings us to my second point; you probably don't need the drug.

If a drug works, it is because there is a receptor for it in your body. When the drug connects with the proper receptor, the body responds with an action, it is very much like a lock and a key. So if there is a receptor for the drug, it stands to reason that the body can make that drug doesn't it? I don't think God forgot to give some of us a Prozac gland or a Ritalin gland. Our bodies are just malfunctioning and we need to fix the malfunction.

Note: for those of you who do not believe in God try this. 2000 years ago there was no Prozac or Ritalin, and the body hasn't changed that much in the past 2000 years so it still stands to reason that the body should be making those drugs if it needs it otherwise there would be no reason for the body to have those receptors.

But back to my point, anything with more than one part can malfunction. Our bodies are amazingly complex and they too malfunction. Very often it is because the control system, the nervous system is being interfered with. This is usually caused by a subluxation which is what we Chiropractors fix. Getting adjusted by a Chiropractor restores control to your body while taking a drug covers a symptom.

Get your nervous system checked for subluxation and take back control of your life!

Dr. Dan